PURIUM makes an innovative product the world has never seen before,
and the world’s first patented and successfully commercialized air purifier product of its kind.
Make a better place! PURIUM!

Ceo Greeting

PURIUM: the new normal for a post-COVID world

PURIUM's technology and efforts become new standards and values for the era we will live in.

Safer, cleaner spaces

PURIUM is the developers and manufacturer of the <Smart Safeguards Gate>,
the world's first walk-through air purifying system. Under the vision of “Safer,
cleaner spaces”, we are committed to bettering safety and sanitation in public spaces.

PURIUM Smart Safeguards Gate

The “PURIUM Smart Safeguards Gate” launched by PURIUM Co., Ltd. in 2019 represents
a convergence of air purification technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).
PURIUM prevents ingress of (ultra) fine particulate matter from the outside environment, circulates indoor air,
and employs LED disinfecting lamps, HEPA filters and natural phytoncides to keep the indoor environment safe
from microbes and viruses. PURIUM is protected by patents, design and trademark rights, and is a KC-certified,
ICT quality-certified, GOOD DESIGN award-winning industrial convergence product. In 2019,
PURIUM was designated an ‘Innovative Prototype’ by the Public Procurement Service.

Growing as a global enterprise together with K-Disease Control

Korea’s remarkably successful efforts for COVID-19 control and containment have established the country as a global
public health leader. Our new products are intended to uphold and further Korea’s reputation, while establishing
our name as a global enterprise in air purification. “PURIUM Premium” was launched in 2020 to meet the needs
of the post-COVID world, and incorporates a range of disease control products (thermal imaging cameras for
fever detection and QR code-based visitor registration systems for access to multi-use facilities) into one.

We promise tireless R&D and aggressive investment into air purification technologies and products to make all
living spaces safer and cleaner. Through effective communication with customers and attentive detail
to changing customer needs, we intent to establish “PURIUM” as the world's leading air purification brand.

Thank you.

Nam, Ho Jin, Ph.D, President and CEO