PURIUM makes an innovative product the world has never seen before,
and the world’s first patented and successfully commercialized air purifier product of its kind.
Make a better place! PURIUM!


Delivery and installation

The PURIUM system is safely transported to the installation site in specially designed hard cases. Installation is carried out by skilled expert engineers, maintaining compliance with all safety regulations.

Transporting the product

Installation of PURIUM systems begins with ‘safe transport.’

Specially designed hard cases ensure that PURIUM systems are transported safely to the installation site without risk of damage or breakage.

Positioning the bridge

Systems are knocked down for transport, and are comprised of left and right columns and a bridge (top). The three sections are joined (assembled) on-site.

First, the bridge section is centered and slowly raised into position using a special lift.

Positioning the left and right columns

The lift is fixed in position, and the left and right columns are moved into position as shown in the photograph. Special pins are used to temporarily secure the columns to the bridge.

※ The temporary pins (screws) were designed with safety as the prime consideration, and will not come lose or fall out.

Securing the bridge to the columns

After temporarily securing the left and right columns, fine adjustments are made to ensure a seamless fit with the bridge. Then the three pieces are fixed in position for final assembly.

※ Our installation engineers always work in teams of 2, using safety ladders and maintaining compliance with work safety guidelines.
  (Compliance is mandatory.)

Power module (mounting, connecting, installing) and final inspection

The power module may be installed in either of the right and left columns.
The power module is mounted, connected and installed in the appropriate column to complete installation.
Once installation is complete, a final inspection of the external appearance and operating state of the product is carried out preceding demonstration to the customer.

Product handover and user briefing

Upon completion of installation, the product is started up to confirm normal operation.
The customer is briefed thoroughly on the functions of the product and directions for use.

The product installation process is completed with the signing of the installation and handover form.